Micro Connectors Comtronic

Comtronic GmbH

Comtronic GmbH is providing since 40 years certified connectors for the aerospace and defense industry.
Their long experience can help customers with any special requests as obsolete connectors or component to be manufactured in according to the strictest MIL and ESCC Standards.

  • MicroCom        
  • Micro-D, MIL-STD-83513        
  • Micro-D, Baskshell        
  • Custom Micro Connectors        
  • Custom Cable Assembly

Produced with the following technologies:        

  • Compression proofed to 250 bar       
  • Operating temperature up to 360 °C        
  • Mechanical stress up to 25.000g       
  • Hermetically sealing up to 10^-9 mbar*l/sec.        
  • Clean room 5000-grade        
  • Excellent electromagnetic shielding.
With these capabilities available in house, Comtronic can assure high quality standards and short delivery time