About us

AVEC TECHNOLOGIES is working since many years as electronics supplier for the Military and Aerospace market.


We can provide obsolete semiconductors and equivalents components for replacement with the highest standards available; all our modules can be tested and certified in accordance to the MIL & ESCC Standards.


Thanks to our European partnerships, we are able to produce qualified space components and Hybrid integrated circuits using the following technologies:


•              Thickfilm

•              Bare-Dice

•              Laser Trimming

•              Bonding

•              Automatic P&P

•              Soldering

•              Case encapsulation

•              Clean room


All the products realized can be mechanical, electrical and environmental tested according to military, aerospace and medical screening.


•              Die Shear Strenght

•              Bond Strenght

•              Barometic Pressure

•              Burn-in

•              Steady State Life

•              Stabilization Bake

•              Moisture Resistance

•              Temperature Cycling

•              Constant Acceleration

•              Vibration Test

•              Mechanical Shock

•              Particle Impact Noise Detection

•              Seal: Fine and Gross Leak

•              Internal Visual Inspection

•              External Visual Inspection


Our quality system is has been approved to:

ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN 9100:2009, EN ISO 13485:2003, IPC-J-STD-001 (Lookheed Martin) e DLR-RF-PS-STD-008(German Aerospace Center).